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PFS has been promoted by PTC India Ltd (PTC) as a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 and registered with RBI as a NBFC.

It is a systemically important non-deposit taking NBFC classified as “Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC)” by RBI and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. PFS, being an IFC, is engaged in the business of making investments in, and providing financing solutions to companies with projects in the power sector and related areas across the entire energy value chain.

The business model and commitment of PFS is to partner in infrastructure development and support the Power Sector by catering to the financial requirements of the sector.

PFS strongly believes in partnering and forging strong relationship with credible stake holders to provide complete financial services for all links in the energy value chain.

PFS is structured as a ‘one-stop shop’ for financing of power projects over the project life cycle. The USP of PFS lies in its ability to undertake risk analysis of power projects and add value by mitigating those while structuring the financial product in an expeditious timeframe following a highly professional approach.

PFS majorly provides fund based / non-fund based financial assistance in the form of debt or structured debt instruments, taking into account the need of the promoter/borrowing company,

condition of the financial markets, risks and rewards from the project and regulatory requirements. PFS provides debt financing on Non-Recourse or on Limited Recourse basis for following:-

  • Expenditure on a Greenfield project
  • Expenditure on capacity expansion/renovation of an existing asset
  • Acquisition of an operating asset
  • Takeover of an existing debt facility
  • Securitization of future cash-flows of an operating asset
  • Investment as equity or structured debt in a subsidiary company for capex addition
  • Takeout Financing of standard assets1
  • Pooling of assets
  • Structuring and Refinancing under 5/25 Scheme of RBI (termed as for Flexible Structuring and Refinancing of Long Term Project Loans to Infrastructure and Core Industries)

Type of Instruments

Fund based

  • Term Debt or Project Debt
  • Corporate Debt
  • Bridge Debt
  • Bill Discounting

Non-Fund based

  • Letter of Comfort (LoC) for opening up of LC or issuance of PBG (Performance Bank Guarantee) by banks, where PFS has sanctioned Term Debt
  • Credit Enhancement Scheme
  • Deferred Payment Guarantee against supply of Machinery/ Equipment

Other services
In line with the vision to become the most preferred financial partner, PFS also provide following services complementing the financial assistance business:

  • Act as Lead FI
  • Act as Syndicator
  • Act as Security Agent
  • Act as Facility Agent
  • Underwrite debt
  • Act as Project Appraiser
  • Act as DPR Consultant/Preparer

Debt assistance can be considered for a project in the entire energy value chain and projects in specified infrastructure sector.

Eligible Projects in energy value chain: Projects in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Lighting, Energy Meters, Switchgears, Switchboards, Transformers, Cables, Fuel Supply, Fuel transportation, Cogeneration plants in various manufacturing entities, Oil and Gas Sector comprising of Gas fields,

Refining of Crude Oil, Gasification, Re-gasification, Liquefactions plant, Gas Pipelines, Development of Coal mine, Ports, Energy conservation and other sectors related to infrastructure within the entire energy value chain or any other project which may be approved by the Board of Directors.

Eligible projects in specified infrastructure sector: PFS may consider financing of Infrastructure projects other than eligible projects in the energy value chain in the following peripheral areas:-

  • Roads
  • Ports – Green field & brownfield ports.
  • Infra Logistics Services – Development of Container terminal, Road or Railway line connecting port & hinterland, Railway Sidings, Private Railway Fright Terminals (PFTs) etc.
  • Other areas of infrastructure like city water distribution etc.


  • PFS is highly valued by project developers and is considered by them as a most preferred financial partner.
  • PFS firmly believes in developing long term relationship with credible stakeholders apart from mere participation in equity and provision of debt assistance.
  • PFS aims at a win-win situation for both PFS and the project developer and also works for the overall interest of the project.
  • PFS addresses specific requirements of risk capital by offering innovative solutions at various phases of project development.
  • PFS also guides potential promoters in the sound development of power projects. 
  • PFS provides technical inputs in structuring of the project and achieving in financial closure.
  • PFS develops strong relationships with projects by adding value through fund based and non-fund based support. 
  • PFS believes in adding value to projects while making investments and beyond.
  • PFS mobilizes its resources on most competitive terms to channelize those in high yielding assets in the energy value chain.

aims are armoured against impacts, strategies are shared for unprecedented results and excellence is earned through constant efforts. Visualising a Brighter tomorrow and striding towards a progressive future,

PFS challenges the existing competitive scenario by reaching out to project and providing financial assistance tailored to their specific need epitomizing efficacy. Every single move of PFS inspires and instigates results that stand apart internationally.

PFS offers debt assistance to projects and structures the debt assistance taking into consideration factors like needs of the borrowing entity, the market conditions, regulatory requirements, risks and rewards from the projects.


PFS offers debt assistance to projects and structures the debt assistance taking into consideration factors like needs of the borrowing entity, the market conditions, regulatory requirements, risks and rewards from the projects.

PFS offers long term loans, short term loans as well as bridge financing to the projects.

PFS provides debt assistance to projects in the entire energy value chain i.e. power generation projects, transmission and distribution projects, fuel sources and related infrastructure.

Promoters/ Developers looking for debt assistance from PFS may contact us for further details or can provide preliminary information for our better understanding of the requirements and for quick response.

PFS advisory team assists companies in structuring and raising debt and mezzanine capital tailored to their needs. Leveraging on its deep-rooted relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions and extensive experience in executing structured and vanilla debt transactions,

PFS handholds companies in structuring and raising capital which is optimal in terms of cost and structure and integrates into the long term as well as short term aspirations of the clients. With a core dedicated team of in-house professionals with sectoral as well cross-functional expertise,

PFS strives to help its clients become more competitive, effective and successful.

As an underwriter, lead arranger, and syndicator, PFS is structurally focused on renewable energy projects, both Greenfield as well as Brownfield expansion projects and specializes in products like vanilla project finance debt, structured debt and securitization

The focus of equity investment is for green-field as well as brown-field projects, backed by promoters with proven track record, good growth prospects and clearly defined exit routes.

The investment horizon tends to focus on the short to medium term. The Company also provides last mile equity to power projects as and when required depending upon the project viability, its progress and investment guidelines.

PFS does not merely provide equity but also adds value to the project through PTC brand and by sharing experience of PFS team in structuring the transaction.

PFS closely associates with the investee project to help them to achieve the project development and financial closure in best possible way.

Promoters/ Developers desirous of equity participation may contact us for further details or can provide preliminary information for our better understanding of the requirements .

Since 2008 PFS has made its significant contribution in the development of Power Sector through its participation in form of equity or debt financing.

Debt Financing
As on 30th September 2019, PFS has net sanction of more than Rs 18,000 Crore in form of Long term and short term debt assistance to various Infrastructure projects which will help to generate more than 14000 MW in country. As on 30th September 2019, PFS has outstanding credit of approx Rs 13,211 crore.

Why ?

Uniqueness of PFS lies in developing and delivering structured products linked to equity or debt, tailored to risk profile and needs of specific projects in record timeframe. Thus, PFS not only provides financial assistance but also adds value to the project development process and that too by following a highly systematic and professional approach.

All-inclusive, diversified and efficient value chain established by PFS speaks for itself and adds to the exclusivity espoused by the organization. PFS offers a sustained efficient delivery of financial services to power projects of the marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel intermediation and offering advisory services under the dependable PTC umbrella.


PFS is exclusively devoted to power sector and has thus acquired over the years domain sector expertise. • In addition, PFS has access to PTC’s proficiency in energy value system in carrying out activities like fuel intermediation, power trading and trading with cross border entities.


PFS offer wide range of debt and equity linked financing products meeting the financing needs of power projects at various stages of product life cycle from development stage s financial closure to post operationalisation.

PFS also understands the significance of making available a whole gamut of vital reliable services that include tying up of the marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel intermediation and offering advisory services under the dependable PTC umbrella.


Spreading its wings over diversified sectors, PFS is gradually extending its hold in the value chain from power generation to transmission and distribution assets, fuel source related infrastructure like, ports, and equipment manufacturers in power sector.

PFS is also focussing on its role in renewable space – Solar, Biomass, Wind Energy and Small Hydro.


The rewarding experience held by PFS enables it to structure its products, and service offerings based on the specific requirements of the project and their developers. The services are moulded depending upon the risk and reward profile at competitive transaction costs and with least response time.

Cmp : 16.65 , Target : 19.80 – 22.60 ++.

Stoploss : 12.30 . On Weekly Closing Basis.

Time frame : 2 Months to 1 Year .

EPS : 1.71 .


STOCK P/E : 12.80

BOOK VALUE :33.50 .


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