Large Cap IT Company Ready For New High

Stock Getting Ready for new 52 Weeks High For Details Continue Reading . Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in providing cloud and cognitive services, applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally.

  • Company is almost debt free.
  • Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 67.29%.

At Mphasis, engineering is in our DNA. We lead with design and architecture to deliver a portfolio of next-generation offerings and services that blend our deep domain expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our domain contextualized offerings are embedded in deep tech and we are powered forward by the Mphasis Tribes and Squads model. Our cross-functional teams are focused on evolving our next-generation offerings. The Mphasis Way of engagement helps us build and scale faster. This enables us to bring the ‘T’ back into IT, with T standing not just for technology, but also for transformation combined with a strong understanding of your business domain. Guided by the Mphasis Front2BackTM approach, we create hyper-personalized experiences and drive customer-centric transformation.

Businesses today are looking at ensuring customer experience is intentionally and strategically designed to be the differentiator. Customer-centric enterprises bridge the businesses and the human sides of the story. Businesses listen, co-create and innovate to stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace. There is also a need to adopt the emerging technologies that can replace legacy and drive today’s digital needs of the businesses.

Mphasis adopts a customer-in view to transform enterprises using our industry-specific X2C2TM framework, which utilizes the power of cloud and cognitive to provide hyper-personalized digital experiences to clients and end customers. The Front in F2B transformation reflects the client-centric approach. The Engagement Layer is powered by the Intelligence Layer, delivering the power of cognitive intelligence. Services are decoupled into microservices that are wrapped around existing back-end systems. The F2B market drivers include:

  • Amazonization – Non-traditional competition
  • Fast changing markets – need for speed
  • Need for hyper-personalization

Mphasis Front2Back™ (F2B) approach, with business-driven KPIs, state-of-the-art reference frameworks and capabilities, achieve agile and rapid delivery of business value that compound over time, along with digital end-to-end customer experience.

Mphasis Service Transformation solutions offer an integrated approach to enable enterprises to achieve scalable, digital, future-ready operations.

Our solutions combine people, process and technology levers to deliver quick returns on investments while lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

We have developed a proprietary Intelligent Automation Framework and our integrated approach helps break data silos.

The objective of our approach is to enable core systems to support and drive an organizations’ digital imperatives with measurable KPIs and outcomes.

Company Name in BSE & NSE : Mphasis Ltd .

Cmp : 2948.00 (09.09.2021)

52 Weeks High/Low : 3079/1113 (09.09.2021)

Target : 3150 – 3450++

Time Period : 1 month To 3 Months .

Based On News & Technical Analysis .


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