Why SEBI cautions investors against impersonation ?

It has come to the notice of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that unscrupulous elements are cheating investors/publicusing the name of SEBI.
These fraudsters are reported to have sent emails impersonating employees of SEBI/posing as officials /posing as official communication channels of SEBI and offer to help investors to resolve their complaints.

Often, investors are made to part with money in the name of processing fee, other fees, etc.

SEBI cautions investors against such impersonations and further advises as under:
•Beware of emails / any other communication impersonating employees of SEBI and refrain from responding to such emails / communication.

The only official and genuine website of SEBI, where an investor can file his/her complaint is
https://scores.gov.in and members of public are advised to be careful and not get misled by fake websites with similar addresses, fake logos / similar looking domains and email ids, etc.

•Inform the local police or cybercrime authority about such fraudsimmediately.

Investors may also note that SEBI does not seek money or fees in any form for resolution of complaints.

Investors/public are advised to exercise caution and not fall prey to fraudulent emails/communication in the name of SEBI or its officials.

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