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Our Company was incorporated as Shez Chemicals Limited on December 17, 1983 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. A fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon change of name of our Company to Shez Cements Limited was issued on October 17, 1985. Subsequently, pursuant to a special resolution of the Shareholders dated September 30, 1999 the name of our Company was changed to Anjani Portland Cement Limited. A fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon change of name of our Company was issued on October 7, 1999.

Our Company was promoted by Syed BadruddinShez and Syed Naseeruddin along with two Non-Resident Indians, Imtiaz Ali Faheem and Hyumayun T Quereshi. Our Company made an initial public offering in 1994 and listed its Equity Shares on the BSE Limited and the Hyderabad Stock Exchange. Subsequently, during the year 1999, our Company was acquired by the K.V Vishnu Raju. Our Company’s Equity Shares were delisted from the Hyderabad Stock Exchangepursuant to a SEBI order dated January 25, 2013 permitting the exit of the Hyderabad Stock Exchange, as a Stock Exchange.

On March 12, 2014, our Promoter(Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited) entered into a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) with the erstwhile promoters of our Company for acquisition of upto 61.62% of the Equity Share Capital. Further to the SPA, our Promoter made an Open Offer under the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011, to acquire up to 26% of the Equity Share Capital. Pursuant to the Open Offer and the SPA, our Promoter acquired 17.09% and 57.91% of the Equity Share Capital, respectively. After the completion of the Open Offer, our Promoter holds 75% of the Equity Share Capital.

popular brand in south India for its quality and commitment to service. Starting with initial production capacity of 0.3 million tonnes per annum in 1999, the Company has now achieved a quantum shift in its production capacity to 1.2 million tonnes per annum. The second plant powered with the latest and modern technology and infrastructure has started operations in 2010 and has poised the company on an energized growth path to achieve new performance levels and service standards.

The professional teams of technical, financial, marketing, strategic planning and human resources have served through prestigious capacities in the industry with integrity and repute for more than 30 years. The responsibility and accountability of these professionals is evident in their good management practices and shared objectives.  The present standing of Anjani Cement is credited to the commitment of this notch team.

The cement is only as good as its raw materials and primarily depends on the quality of the lime stone used. The limestone mines of Anjani are acclaimed as the best mines amongst the cement brackets of Nalgonda district, thus confirming the superior quality of the cement produced.

With its exemplary growth in production and services, Anjani Cement has captured the market in Andhra Pradesh and competes with the national players in the industry. Anjani has now extended its reach to Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Karnataka and also made forays into the markets of Maharashtra, Kerala and Goa. An excellent dealer network system ensures successful spread and sales of the cement within and outside the state.

Sound R&D ensures continuous innovation in technology and realization of best quality standards. Anjani Powder Research Centre conducts research and takes up relentless testing procedures of cement of all available brands for improvement and standardization of the products.

Anjani Cement also makes persistent effort to restore and maintain the eco balance and greening process in and around the cement plants. The RABH technology ensures minimum air pollution in and around the plant.  Efforts are made towards greening the environment by planting and nurturing trees and other flora in the cement plant vicinity.

As a responsible corporate, Anjani cement has taken conscious and decisive measures to develop knowledge based society by providing quality education for the families of the employed and neighboring villages. An innovative venture – BV Raju Institute of Cement Technology was initiated by the company to train the rural youth in cement technology and production for potential employment in cement industries.

Calendar Year   Particulars
1994 Initial Public Offering of our Company 
1999 Change of name of our Company from ‘Shez Cements Limited’ to ‘Anjani Portland Cement Limited’ 
2001 Installation of secondary crusher at the plant. 
2003 Introduction of high efficiency cyclones, burners and introduction of screw compressors in place of unit compressors 
2004 Calciner modification done to improve production. 
2005 Installed an additional cement mill to increase cement grinding capacity. 
2007 Installation of RABH and distribution control system. 
2010 Started production at the second plant and achieved rated capacityCertified as an ISO 9001:2008 company. 
2011Awarded Commendation Certificate for IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Awards 2011 in the category of Manufacturing.Launch of Mobile Concrete Solutions –NirmaanSanjeevani
2012 Alternate fuels – online feeding system established 
2014 Our Promoter acquires majority equity stake in our Company 
Mile Stones


OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 53 Grade

Higher strength and better particle size distribution of cement enables optimum water-cement ratio
Better ductility and better dynamic of structures
3200 cm2/ gm against requirement of 2250 cm2/ gm as per IS : 8112 – 1989
Higher fineness increases rate of gain of strength of cement requiring lesser consumption and improves workability.

OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) 43 Grade

Ground finely, thus giving more early strength.
Moderate sulphate resisting properties.
Low in chloride thus avoids corrosion of reinforcement steel.
Good for production of concrete and concrete elements.
Better soundness and low chloride content ensures improved performance of concrete.

PPC (Portland Pozolona Cement)

Heat of hydration is 30% less than OPC and hence good for massive construction.
No adverse impact on corrosion of reinforcement steel.
Better choice than OPC for construction of structures in coastal and marine areas.
Better resistance to chlorides and sulphates than OPC.

Anjani Coastal Gold PSC (Portland Slag Cement)

 It has high ultimate strength with higher rate of gain of strength than normal OPC available in market.
 Lower water demand & Lower Shrinkage
 With high compressive strength Portland Slag Cement ensures substantial savings in Cement Consumption.
 Ideal to use in RCC Slabs, in all types of constructions especially for Marine constructions
 Elimination of cracks & gives Ultimate higher strength.

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Recent News :

Anjani Portland Cement Limited has gone into a Share Purchase Agreement with Bhavya Cements Private Limited (“Investee Company”) and its Promoters, for obtaining of controlling stake in the value shares capital of the Investee Company at a Provisional Price of Rs. 51.53/ – per share, subject to satisfaction of conditions point of reference.

Bhavya Cements Private Limited was set up in 2007 with an item to fabricate and advertise Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Cement for assembling of Railway Sleepers, Portland Pozzalona Cement, Sulfate opposing portland concrete, and Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement for use in seaside regions. The organization revealed turnover of Rs. 303.90 crores in FY2019-20.

The target of securing is to further develop the market presence of the organization with expansion of another brand. The procurement would build the concrete assembling limit heavily influenced by the organization considerably.


Cmp : 386.60 (24.08.2021)

52 Weeks High/Low : 531/136 (24.08.2021)

Target : – 410 – 450 ++.

Time Period : 1 Month to 3 Months .


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