Flying Cars High Risk & High Reward Expected For Long-term Investors

flying car or road able aircraft is a type of vehicle which can function both as a road vehicle and as an aircraft. As used here, this includes vehicles which drive as motorcycles when on the road.

About the Company:

Incorporated in 2011, Supremex Shine Steels Ltd is in the business of trading of steels and acting as advisor and consultant to steel industry.

The Company has changed its name for better expansion and exploration of business activities and the whole
object of the company has also changed from steel to infrastructure. The company has changed its name from




The Company received Certificate of
Incorporation pursuant to change of name from ROC Mumbai on 20th April 2023.

New Website:

Aerpace – main components (Intellectual Property)

The aerpace project consists of four main components:

Aerpace Industries: A Rising Star in the Indian Landscape:

Enter Aerpace Industries, a rising star in the Indian market, marked by a 20.22% weekly surge and an astonishing 118.15% year-to-date increase in its stock value. This surge is fuelled by the ambitious Aerpace project, a four-pronged venture encompassing Superwing, Supercar, Aerdock, and The aerVerse.

Aerpace Project Overview:


    1. A technologically advanced flying vehicle with autonomous flying capabilities.
    2. Designed for diverse purposes, from private transportation to medical emergencies.
    3. Boasts advanced safety features, including collision detection, safety parachutes, and airbags.


    1. A fully electric, lightweight vehicle designed to complement the Superwing.
    2. Features swappable batteries, autonomous driving, and AI integration.
    3. Seamlessly operates within the Aerpace ecosystem.


    1. A station resembling train stations or airports, designed for Superwing and Supercar.
    2. Pro-green design with a hydrogen plant for fuel and electricity.
    3. Offers amenities like a gaming zone, food court, and emergency response center.

The aerVerse:

   1. A software ecosystem managing all project components.
   2. Controls autonomous flights, monitors individual components, ensuring smooth       operation.

Revenue Breakup:
In FY21, company was unable to generate any revenue from operations except

Other income which comprised of Interest from current investments ~56% and Interest from others ~44%

Open Offer:
On 28th October 2021, existing promoters and members of promoter group entered into a Share Purchase Agreement with Acquirers who agreed to acquire 1,31,99,001 (41.85%) fully paid-up equity shares of face value of Re.1/- Post completion of Open Offer, acquirers gained substantial control of equity stake and control over management of company.

 As a result, Original Promoters do not hold any Equity Shares or control over company.

New Business:
Due to change in management, new promoters are intending to pursue a new business in the field of Infrastructure activities. Further, main object clause was approved by shareholders of company on 4th May 2022

Change of KMP:

a) M/s K. J. Shah & Associates resigned from the position of Statutory Auditor on 14th May 2022 and was replaced by M/s. Singrodia & Co LLP., for five consecutive years.

b) M/s. I. P. Mehta and Co. resigned from the position of Internal Auditor on 14th May 2022 and were re-appointed.

Shareholding Pattern:


From Past 1 Year stock was UP 532% But Still its can give good returns in Future.

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Companies Recent Announcements:

Company Name in BSE : Aerpace Industries Ltd

Bse Code : (AERPACE – 534733 )

Cmp : 19.72 (18.05.2024)

52 Weeks High/Low : 2.59/20.94 (19.04.2024)

Target : 75 – 120++

Time Period : 3 Years to 5 Years.

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 1. Reference ID: ULR668.

2. Reference ID: VS302.


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