BEST PRICE :: 845.

CMP : 870 AS ON (29.03.2021) .

52 weeks High /Low : 1100/800 .

SHORT TERM TARGET : 980 – 1200.

LONG TERM : 1100 to 1600 .


Study Purposes Only .

ABOUT COMPANY : Godfrey Phillips India is one of the largest FMCG companies in the country with many iconic cigarette brands like Four Square, Red & White, and Cavanders to its name. We also have an exclusive sourcing and supply agreement with Philip Morris International to manufacture and distribute the renowned Marlboro brand in India.

Godfrey Phillips India has expanded its product portfolio beyond cigarettes and tobacco and entered India’s highly competitive chewing products, mouth freshener, confectionery segment and retail. Pan Vilas pan masala, Pan Vilas Silver Dewz – a silver-coated Elaichi (cardamom seed) and Funda Goli candies are all manufactured by the Company at attractive price points. Our premium retail outlets 24Seven is already a brand to contend with.

Our brands are popular and we are a successful company because our people love what they do, are fully committed to our consumers and are a great team to work with. Godfrey Phillips India has been certified as a Great Place to Work by the Great Place to Work®️ Institute and ranked 29th on India’s Best Companies to Work For over the 37th ranking last year 2019.

Excellence and Quality is our mantra and reflected in the technology, processes and certifications of the manufacturing units.

The Cigarette manufacturing units located in Rabale and Guldhar have top brass technology partners like Philip Morris, G.D., Comas, SMC, Luwa, Forbes Marshall, Honeywell, Miebach, Nefab, Kaesar, and the Haulotte Group. Our units also have top certifications of ISO 9001, 5001, 14000 and OHSAS. The Guldhar factory is the first one in the tobacco industry to have a Social Accountability 8000 certification and best processes including Six Sigma, TQM, Haichi Ban, 5 S and Kaizen. The Chewing products facility at Ghaziabad has a technology tie up with the Swiss company, Buhler, ACG-Palm Glantt and Japan based FFS Topack. Along with processes like Six Sigma, 5 S, Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing, the Ghaziabad unit also boasts of certifications like ISO – 22000 & ISO- 14001.

Our facilities have been highly recognized for their commitment to quality, safety, and environment management and have multiple prestigious awards under their belt from various Government bodies, GMA, Greentech, ASSOCHAM and FICCI.

R & D : Godfrey Phillips India boasts of two state- of- art research and development facilities that employs some of India’s best scientists, cigarette designers, blenders and flavourists.

The Insight Tobaccocraft Institute is the first laboratory in the Indian tobacco industry to be accredited with an ISO 17025 certification, as well as recognition from the government’s Department of Science and Technology.

Our qualified blenders here, hailing from specialized fields of agricultural sciences, have mastered the art of tobacco selection and blending. Combining the traditional art of tobacco selection with advanced filtration technology and modern methods, we craft deeply flavorsome and satisfying smoking experiences. We are equipped to develop various cigarette blends matching the palette of customers across the globe, besides meeting the regulatory requirements of different parts of world. By being located alongside our production facilities, our R&D team can also combine synergies and create the best blends for domestic and international markets, based on customer needs.

In order to bring greater reliability to our analytical results, we also take part in initiatives such as the Asia Collaborative Study (ACS). Our participation each year, along with 58 other prominent cigarette companies of the world, such as PMI, BAT and JTI, helps cross calibrate our results with the best in the business. Our Z- scores, which determine the quality of analytical data, vis-à-vis the best in the world, have proven to be excellent year on year. The Insight Tobaccocraft Institute also makes blending and product development easy with its state-of-the-art, automated pilot plant, which is capable of processing and making sample cigarettes at a faster pace in relatively smaller quantities. Continuous improvement, reverse engineering, creating product differentiation, and innovation are the core strengths of the Insight Tobaccocraft Institute.

The Future Food Focus Institute was set up in late 2015 as a centre to develop and standardize Indian food products like Pan Masala and Mouth-fresheners as well as modern products like confectioneries and beverages in a modern scientific manner, and to lend expertise to group companies of Modi Enterprises and to vendors manufacturing products for Godfrey Phillips.

Food Focus also boasts of highly qualified personnel with a wide range of experience in development, scaling-up and testing of different types of food products, ranging from Pan Masalas and Chewing Tobacco to Savory Snacks, Confectionery, Mouth-fresheners, Tea and Beverages, Extruded Food and Dehydrated food products.

The Institute has two fully functional product development laboratories for development of various products , a flavor development laboratory and a pilot plant for scaling up products to the factory. The centre has analytical facilities for testing of food, comprising of a wet chemistry laboratory, an instrumental laboratory and a stability laboratory.

In Future Food Focus Institute products are conceived, created and tested in both sensorial and chemical aspects, so that we are able to provide innovative, best quality products for our consumers.

Godfrey Phillips India’s products are distinct. From cigarettes to chewing, confectionery and retail, all our products are outcomes of the innovative, performance driven, and high–quality mindset of our people. Our talented workforce infuses their expertise and energy in every product category, giving our brands an edge over others. 






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