What To Do When Stock Markets Crash ?

Its Quite Common FAQ from All What Should we do when ” Stocks Markets Crash ” Whether its BUY /SELL / HOLD ?

There are Few Things we Need to Understand Before :

Panic Situation : Don’t Panic If You Bought Right Stocks or Fundamentally Strong & Managements are Strong Then Small cap or Mid caps Companies then no need to Worry At all . After Fall & they Will Recover In Same scenario But, Takes Some Time .

If Bought Junk Stocks : Bought Stocks at Lifetime High & News Based or Rumors Based or Speculation Based with No Fundamental’s Then You need to Take Exit ” .

Shall We Buy Now Or Average Now : In Small Cap & Midcaps Stocks Corrections Have Just Started & we may not Known how many Days or More they will End of these Corrections . In simple words

Wait for Some More Days To Enter” .

If New & Waiting For Entry : Divide Your Capital into 4 to 6 Parts .Start Buying in SIP Mode Its Wonderful Opportunity to Take an Entry . Eg : If Your Capital is 10,000/- , split into 6 Parts & Invest Each Part when ever Corrects More .

My View : We need To Have Patience While Buying as Well as Holding Stocks also .

Here Cash Is King & Patience will Give Wealth if Bought Good Companies fundamentally & Management Strong Companies .

Always Keep 10 % To Max 20 % Risk of Your Portfolio In Risk & Buy 80% Or 90% In Fundamentally Strong Companies Only .


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