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DESPL established in the year 2003 by Australian promoters with deep roots in the mining and exploration sector. Since its inception, DGML and its wholly owned subsidiary Deccan Exploration Services Private Limited (DESPL) have actively pursued gold exploration activities through adoption of modern methods and latest technology in all of its exploration prospects.

first and the only gold exploration company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) which was established in the year 2003 by promoters with deep roots in the exploration and mining sector. DGML has been involved in gold exploration activities in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh where the activities have resulted in defining a number of gold prospects spread across these states.  All these prospects have been covered under various applications and the details of these applications are presented in the section titled

The ultimate objective of DGML is to advance these gold prospects into commercial gold production. DGML has so far explored an area of around 6,574 sq. kms. in Dharwar Shimoga Greenstone belt, Hutti-Maski Greenstone Belt, Mangalur Schist Belt in the State of Karnataka. Multi-parametric exploration techniques such as remote sensing studies, regional and detailed geological mapping, regional and detailed geochemical and geophysical exploration, topographic survey, various methods of drilling and multi-element chemical analysis were adopted in undertaking the exploration work, as per international standards.

India is a country rich in mineral resources. A major portion of the country is composed of Precambrian rocks which have hosted major gold discoveries worldwide. There were over a hundred gold mining centres in the early part of last century.

Despite having some of the best potential ground for gold mineralization, India’s annual primary gold mine output has reduced significantly to below 5 tonnes. The land of the world famous Kolar Gold Fields and the largest consumer of gold on earth, India has suffered in developing its gold mining potential due to lack of adequate exploration expenditure, the nationalistic policies of the previous governments and a non-investor friendly mineral policy.

The new India, with a strong economic growth outlook, is looking to revive the mineral exploration and mining sector through foreign and Indian private investment and the planned introduction of liberalised internationally compatible mining policies. DGML with some of the best gold prospects in the country, geologically similar to areas that have been home to major world gold discoveries, is playing a leading role in this revival.


  • Dedicated and focused management with strong shareholder support.
  • In-house technical expertise with a great track record of developing exploration projects.
  • Projects strategically located within India’s world class Archaean Gold Province.

As on date, a total of 15 Prospecting License applications (PL) and 3 Mining Lease applications (ML) have been submitted by us and our subsidiary, which are pending for approval with relevant Government authorities.

A highlight of the exploration undertaken has been the discovery of Ganajur Main Gold deposit Project that is located in Haveri district of Karnataka state. DGML has applied for a Mining Lease on Ganajur Main Gold deposit. The issue of a Letter of Intent (LoI) to grant a mining lease is awaited. Post completion of detailed feasibility study and execution of mining licenses, the company plans to commence the commercial production of gold.

New Resources have also been estimated in Ganajur SE Prospect which is considered as the continuum of Ganajur Main Prospect. Geophysical IP survey has been very successful in tracing new zones of possible gold mineralization. Karajgi Main Prospect has shown significant potential in terms of gold mineralisation and is likely to add new resources in the PL Block.

In addition to Ganajur Gold deposit, DGML has made significant discoveries in Mangalagatti and Bhavihal prospects located within the Dharwar -Shimoga greenstone belt as well as in Hirenagnur of Hutti- Maski greenstone belt where drilled resources have been identified.

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Ganajur Gold Project
The key project of the company is the Ganajur Gold Project situated in the state of Karnataka.  The mining lease application of the company was approved by Ministry of Mines in 2015 under the Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act of 1975. It is awaiting Grant Notification letter from the Commerce and Industries Department of Government of Karnataka. 
The matter is sub-judice wherein the company has filed a writepetition which seeks to quash the Central Government’s abeyance on its prior approval for Ganajur ML and also seeks a direction to the Government of Karnataka to issue the Grant Notification Letter followed by execution of ML within a definitive time frame. 

Project Pipeline
The company has a large portfolio of exploration prospects in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It has explored several regions spanning 6,574 sq. kms.
These regions include:
Dharwar Shimoga Belt
Hutti-Maski Belt
Mangalur Schist Belt
Ramagiri Schist Belt

The company has filed a total of 15 Prospecting License applications (PL) and 3 Mining Lease applications (ML) which are pending for approval with relevant Government authorities. 

All Block Applications
All the blocks for which the company has filed PL and ML licenses are: Ganajur, Haveri
Karajgi, Haveri
Mangalagatti, Dharawar
Kulavalli, Belgaum
Lakkikoppa, Haveri
Turkara-Sigihalli, Belgaum
Ganajur Extension, Haveri
Hutti North, Raichur
Uti, Raichur
Yatkal-Hirenagnur, Raichur
Hirenagnur, Raichur
Wandalli, Raichur
Yelagatti, Raichur
Palkanmardi, Raichur
Bullapur, Raichur
Fatehpur-Hadanur, Yadgir
Arakeri- Shakhapur, Yadgir .

No Revenues
Presently, the company do not generate any revenues because it has no commenced mining operations going on. All its block applications are yet to be finalized and the mining is yet to be commenced. 


Code : DECNGOLD , 512068

Cmp : 17.15 (25.08.2021)

52 Weeks High/Low : 36.75/12.85 (25.08.2021)

Target : 20.50 – 35.40 ++

Time Period : 1 Year to 3 Years.


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