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India shares snapped a more than 1,000-guide rally throughout the last six meetings toward close lower on Thursday, with misfortunes in financials exceeding increases in data innovation and metal stocks.
The Nifty finished down 0.32% at 10,029.10, while the Sensex slipped 0.38% to 33,980.70. The Nifty 50 has risen 4.7% so far this week, following a comparable convention a week ago.
The flood in the previous scarcely any meetings was entirely high and we can anticipate some more combination in the close to term,” said Vinod Nair, head of research, Geojit Financial Services Ltd.
We are likewise in the last period of final quarter results, for which the viewpoint is additionally not positive. This is a little remedy in the bear rally and will proceed for quite a while.”
The Nifty financial file fell 2.63%, however was still up 5.7% for the week, following a 11.7% flood a week ago.
Among stocks, Housing Development Finance Corp Ltd and HDFC Bank Ltd were the top delays the Nifty 50 list, finishing down 3.89% and 2.01%, individually.
In the interim, the Nifty IT list shut 1.85% higher, while the metals list picked up 1%. Vedanta Ltd was the top gainer in Nifty 50 list, winding up about 8%.

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What Is Compounding?

Intensifying is the procedure wherein an advantage’s profits, from capital gains are reinvested to create extra income after some time. This development, determined utilizing exponential capacities, happens on the grounds that the speculation will create income from the two its underlying head and the amassed profit from going before periods. Aggravating, along these lines, varies from straight development, where just the chief procures intrigue every period.

Aggravating is the procedure whereby intrigue is credited to a current chief sum just as to intrigue previously paid.

Exacerbating would thus be able to be interpreted as enthusiasm on intrigue the impact of which is to amplify comes back to enthusiasm after some time. At the point when banks or money related foundations credit progressive accrual, they will utilize an intensifying period, for example, yearly, month to month or every day.

Understanding power of Compounding?

Aggravating normally allows to the expanding estimation of a benefit because of the premium earned on both a head and amassed premium. This wonder, which is an immediate acknowledgment of the time estimation of cash idea, is otherwise called accumulated dividends.

Self-multiplying dividends deals with the two resources and liabilities. While exacerbating lifts the estimation of an advantage all the more quickly, it can likewise expand the measure of cash owed on a credit, as premium collects on the unpaid head and past premium charges.

The earlier you start, the longer you earn returns and the longer your returns earn additional returns. Time matters more than size of investment and yield.

To experience maximum benefit of power of compounding, you need to be invested in equities for longer term. Over longer periods, the risk of equity volatility also reduces substantially.

The power of compounding forms the basis of investment and financial planning. Between your limited means and your unlimited desires, lies the ability of investments to convert money flows into wealth. That would not be possible without the power of compounding.Successful investing means growing your money through compounding your entire Invesable Surplus and not taking high risks, making bets on finding multi-baggers and big winners. You don’t need to take high risk or expect 20% returns, you need to allow the compounding to happen.

1) Have Patience will always Pay More in Long Term

2) Start Early

3) Start with Small Capital as much as you can

Stock News

What is Equity Market? – Explained in Detail

Interest in Equities includes purchasing portions of freely recorded organizations. The offers are exchanged both on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

At the point when a financial specialist puts resources into value, dissimilar to a fixed salary instrument there is no capital assurance. Be that as it may, as an exchange off, the profits from value venture can be incredibly alluring. Indian Equities have produced returns near 14% – 15% CAGR (compound yearly development rate) in the course of recent years.

Putting resources into the absolute best and all around run Indian organizations has yielded over 20% CAGR in the long Term.

It is critical to know how the list is determined particularly on the off chance that one needs to progress as a file dealer. As we talked about, the Index is a structure of numerous stocks from various segments which by and large speaks to the condition of the economy. To remember a stock for the file it ought to qualify certain standards. When qualified as a record stock, it should keep on qualifying on the expressed models. On the off chance that it neglects to keep up the measures, the stock gets supplanted by another stock that qualifies the essentials.


Financial specialists as a rule assemble an arrangement of protections. A run of the mill portfolio contains 10 – 12 stocks which they would have purchased from a drawn out point of view. While the stocks are held from a drawn out viewpoint they could anticipate a delayed antagonistic development in the market (2012) which might dissolve the capital in the portfolio. In such a circumstance, financial specialists can utilize the record to support the portfolio.


For all the exchanging or contributing movement that one does, a measuring stick to gauge the presentation is required. Expect in the course of the most recent one year you contributed Rs.10, 000/- and created Rs.2, 000 come back to make your all out corpus Rs.12,000/- . How would you think you performed? Well apparently, a 20% return looks incredible. Well it Requires Lot of Patience & Practicing Techniques.

Well out of no where it might appear to you that you have failed to meet expectations the market? Notwithstanding the Index you can’t generally make sense of how you acted in the securities exchange. You need the record to benchmark the presentation of a dealer or financial specialist. As a rule, the goal of market members is to beat the Index.

Exchanging on the file is likely one of the most well  known employments of the file. Lion’s share of the merchants in the market exchange file. They take a general situation, and make an interpretation of that into an exchange.

For an Instance: At 1:00 PM the RBI GOVERNOR is required to convey his spending discourse. An hour prior to the declaration Nifty list is at 8000 focuses. You anticipate that the financial plan should be good for the country’s economy. What might happen to the list? Normally, the file will go up or down? So as to exchange your perspective, you might need to purchase the list at 8000. All things considered, the file is the portrayal of the REPO RATES.

So according to your desire, the financial plan is acceptable and the list moves to 8400. You would now be able to book your benefits, and leave the exchange at a 400 focuses benefit! Exchanges, for example, these are conceivable through what is known as the ‘Subsidiary’ portion of the business sectors.

Disclaimer:This Website & Its Owner ,Creator & Contributor is Neither a Research Analyst Nor an Investment Advisor And Expressing Option Only As An Investor in Indian Equites.He/She is Not Responsible for any Loss a Rising out of any Information, Post or Opinion Appearing on this Website. Investors are advised to do Own Due Diligence or Consult Financial Consultant before acting on Such Information. Author of this Website not providing any Paid Service and not Sending Bulk mails/SMS to Anyone.

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Why should we invest in Stock Markets?

Before we address the above inquiry, let us comprehend what might occur in the event that one decides not to contribute. Let us accept you gain Rs.30,000/ – every month and you burn through Rs.20,000/ – towards your typical cost for basic items which incorporates lodging, food, transport, shopping, clinical, and so forth. The equalization of Rs.10,000/ – is your month to month excess. For straightforwardness, let us simply overlook the impact of individual personal duty in this conversation. To drive the point over, let us make a couple of straightforward suppositions.

The business is sufficiently benevolent to give you 8% pay climb each year.

The typical cost for basic items is probably going to go up by 5% year on year.

You are 24 years of age and plan to resign at 52. This leaves you with 28 additional years to gain.

You don’t plan to work after you resign .Your costs are fixed.The balance money of Rs.10,000/ – every month is held as hard cash.Going by these presumptions, here is the way the money parity will look like in 20 years.

Disclaimer:This Website & Its Owner ,Creator & Contributor is Neither a Research Analyst Nor an Investment Advisor And Expressing Option Only As An Investor in Indian Equites.He/She is Not Responsible for any Loss a Rising out of any Information, Post or Opinion Appearing on this Website. Investors are advised to do Own Due Diligence or Consult Financial Consultant before acting on Such Information. Author of this Website not providing any Paid Service and not Sending Bulk mails/SMS to Anyone.

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What are Indexes in the India Stock Markets?

People often speak about that the market fell one day, or that the market jumped another day. However, if you read the stock table, you will realize that not all stocks rose or fell. There were some which moved in the opposite direction. This market means an Index.

There are two Major Stock Indices in India which are very popular & well known in India.

S&P represents Standard and Poor’s, a worldwide FICO assessment organization. S&P has the specialized aptitude in building the file which they have authorized to the BSE. Subsequently the file additionally conveys the S&P tag.

CNX Nifty comprises of the biggest and most oftentimes exchanged stocks inside the National Stock Exchange. It is kept up by India Index Services and Products Limited (IISL) which is a joint of the National Stock Exchange and CRISIL.

A perfect file gives us step by step finding out about how the market members see what’s to come. The developments in the Index mirror the changing desires for the market members. At the point when the record goes up, it is on the grounds that the market members think the future will be better. The list drops if the market members see the future negatively.

In view of the determination system the rundown of stocks is populated. Each stock in the listed will have a certain weightage. Weightage in easier terms characterizes how much significance a specific stock in the list gets contrasted with the others. For instance, on the off chance that HDFC BANK has 10.98 % weightage on the Nifty 50 record, at that point it is on a par with saying that the 10.98 % of Nifty’s development can be ascribed to HDFC BANK.

The Immediate question in our Mind? – How would we allot loads to the stock that make up the Index?

There are numerous approaches to dole out loads however the Indian stock trade follows a technique called free-coast advertise capitalization. The loads are doled out dependent on the free-coast advertise capitalization of the organization, the bigger the market capitalization, the higher is the weight.

While the Sensex and Nifty speak to the more extensive markets there are sure files that speaks to explicit segments. These are known as the sectorial records. For instance the Bank Nifty on NSE speaks to the mind-set explicit to the financial business. The CNX IT on NSE speaks to the conduct of all the IT stocks in the financial exchanges. Both BSE and NSE have division explicit lists. The development and upkeep of these files is like the other significant files.

Disclaimer:This Website & Its Owner ,Creator & Contributor is Neither a Research Analyst Nor an Investment Advisor And Expressing Option Only As An Investor in Indian Equites.He/She is Not Responsible for any Loss a Rising out of any Information, Post or Opinion Appearing on this Website. Investors are advised to do Own Due Diligence or Consult Financial Consultant before acting on Such Information. Author of this Website not providing any Paid Service and not Sending Bulk mails/SMS to Anyone.

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Indian shares track global markets higher; financial stocks gain

The NSE Nifty 50 index rose 0.4% to 9,348 by 0346 GMT, while the S&P BSE Sensex gained 0.34% to 31,714.29.

On Wednesday, Indian shares ended over 3% higher, fuelled by a more than 7% surge in the banking index.

Asian shares and U.S. stock futures rose on Thursday as growing optimism about economic recovery from the pandemic trumped immediate concerns about a standoff between the United States and China over Hong Kong.

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Sensex, Nifty surge as financials gain for second straight day

Indian stocks ended nearly 2% higher on Thursday as investors bought beaten-down banking stocks for a second day, while auto and metals gained on broader market optimism.

The NSE Nifty 50 index ended up 1.88% at 9,490.10, while the S&P BSE Sensex gained 1.88% to 32,200.59. Both the indexes had risen over 3% on Wednesday.

The Nifty banking index, which has fallen over 40% so far this year, ended up 2.5% on Thursday, following a 7% surge in the previous session.

“Because of the global liquidity, foreign institutional selling has reduced in the Indian market. Also, the financial stocks were heavily beaten down and markets had under performed compared to global peers,” said Neeraj Dewan, director at Quantum Securities in New Delhi.

“We will get these up moves in the market, but they might not sustain as there is still a long way to recovery and it will take time for the demand to come back,” Dewan added.

India may need to inject up to 1.5 trillion rupees ($19.81 billion) into its state-owned lenders as their pile of soured assets is expected to double during the coronavirus pandemic, three government and banking sources told Reuters.

HDFC Bank Ltd and Housing Development Finance Corp Ltd ended up 4.6% and 3.4%, respectively and were the top boosts to the Nifty 50 index.

Institutional buying in domestic private banks also forced investors to cover their short positions leading to the surge, analysts said.

Nifty sub indexes auto and metals rose 3.65% and 2.4%, respectively. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd ended up 9.9% and was the top gainer in the bluechip Nifty 50 index.

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Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. – POSTAL BALLOT NOTICE

Motherson Sumi Systems Limited informed that the Postal Ballot Notice has been dispatched to all the shareholders for seeking their approval.



Dark Horse Stock In Cement Sector Stock ?

About Company :

​Today, our capacity stands at 1.20 Million Tons per Annum housing a Fully Automatic Modern Cement Plant. We are an ISO 9001ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18000 certified plant. In addition to this we are amongst the earliest Accredited Company’s awarded with the prestigious license from American Petroleum Institute (API) for the manufacturing of Oil Well Cement – API 10A Class G HSR Cement.

We are one of India’s pioneer in manufacturing Cement. We started our operations in India in 1944 at the coastal township of Digvijaygram (Sikka) in Jamnagar District of Gujarat. Since 2019, we are a part of True North formerly known as India Value Fund Advisers (IVFA).

SHREE DIGVIJAY CEMENT CO. LTD has been a unique trendsetter in providing superior quality of Ordinary & Special Portland Cement. We employ approximately 300 Employees and have a Gujarat-wide network of over 1,000 Channel Partners selling our Cement under the Brand Name “KAMAL CEMENT“.

We offer unique combination of product quality along with Customer Tailored Logistics solutions offered thru combination of Road, Railways & Captive Sea port. Our Captive Sea port can easily harbour and handle 3,000 to 5,000 DWT vessels along the jetty. Safe anchorage for 5,000 to 35,000 DWT vessels are available at a distance of 5 Kms from the port / wharf site. For safe anchorage of 50,000 – 100,000 DWT vessels 20-25 meters of water is available at a distance of 10 Kms from the port site.

SHREE DIGVIJAY CEMENT CO. LTD is also well connected by Road and Rail. The nearest airport is Jamnagar airport which is 30 Kms from the plant. Its plant, mines and township visibly demonstrate successful endeavors in Mines Rehabilitation, Water Management and Environmental Restoring Activities.​

Our commitment to sustainable development, our high ethical standards in Business dealings and our on-going efforts in community welfare programmes have always been appreciated. We are one of the key exporters of Cement and Cement Clinker throughout the world for which we have received the Certificate of Honour of Export House from Hon’ble President of India.​

KAMAL CEMENT standing strong since past seven decades carves out the long proud legacy of building the nation by manufacturing Superior Quality Cement. Today, it is one of the most experienced cement producing companies in India.

The competitive edge is exhibited through constant technological upgradations and its commitment to producing a perfect quality cement that is industry focused. KAMAL CEMENT goes thru best Quality Control checks in its Internationally as well as Nationally Accredited (API & BIS) Quality Control Laboratory.

The EMS (ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001) certified KAMAL CEMENT manufacturing facility is accredited with International Standard Quality Control Systems that meet the most advanced methods of Consistent Quality Cement production. Fully computerized and dynamically monitored production processes ensures consistency in Quality of every finest grain of cement, making Kamal Cement the most preferred cement.

PPC Cement

KAMAL PPC Cement is a top quality Portland Pozzolona Cement manufactured with regards to IS 1489 (Part 1). This revolutionary product has top quality Pozzolona particles to give higher reactivity.

The High Reactive Silica (HRS) in the cement helps to give most optimized workability with low Heat of Hydration & Low Water / Cement Ratio to guarantee Denser Concrete for Durability, Strength and Longest Service life to your Dream Constructions.

OPC Cement

KAMAL OPC Cement is a 53 Grade Portland Cement manufactured with regards to IS 269 : 2015. This Superior Quality Cement comes with High Compressive Strength and low C3A content which is ideal for all major RCC and PCC works.

KAMAL OPC Cement’s low Magnesia and negligible Chlorides content makes the your Concrete Crack & Corrosion Resistant, ensuring ever-lasting protection to your Dream Structures.

SRPC Cement

KAMAL SRPC Cement is Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement manufactured with regards to IS 12330. This Super Quality Premium Cement comes with High Sulphate Resistivity Composition to give Total Protection from the most corrosive Sulphate attacks of Moisture & Alkaline Air in the Environment.

KAMAL SRPC Cement is the most ideal Cement for Coastal Constructions and all PCC & RCC Under-Ground Constructions making your Foundations stand Rock Solid.


Oil Well Cement a key specialty product of SHREE DIGVIJAY CEMENT Co. LTD. Our Oil Well Cement is amongst the best cement available for cementing offshore and onshore wells under high pressure and temperature. Kamal Cement’s Oil Well Cement is a HSR Cement . This is premium Quality Cement for the Oil & Gas Industry ideal for all Off-Shore & On-Shore Oil Well Cementing solutions.

SHREE DIGVIJAY CEMENT CO. LTD is India’s largest producer of Oil Well Cement with close to 30 years of expertise in manufacturing. Our Oil Well Cement comes with Customer Tailored Supply Chain requirements thereby making us your most preferred partners in Oil Extraction.

Cement Ka Sardar

Cement Ka Sardar is a special cement through which the desire of a customer gets full-filled wherein they dream of building their houses with a special premium quality cement to have the best of CRACK-FREE Concrete. This premium product comes with 6 Special benefits which include:

  • High Early Strength
  • Quick Setting Time
  • Superior Cohesion
  • Resistant to Chemical Attack
  • High Durability
  • Eco-Friendly Green Cement

These 6 special features make the product – Cement ka Sardar as an active contributor to providing a shield of protection against the adverse Climate Impact on the concrete. And the Individual House Building Customers get a durable construction in all the years to come.

My View: Company Management Changed and Expecting Dividend Might Be Possible In Coming Months Also . And there is Huge Demand for construction Sector in Coming Years Also .

From Cmp 36.50 We can Expect Prices Can Double and Can Even Triple in Coming Years Also .

Target : 72.50 – 111 ++ Possible in Next 2 Years to 4 Years time Frame – STUDY PURPOSES ONLY.

Disclaimer: I am Not a SEBI REGISTERED ANALYST. This Website & Its Owner, Creator & Contributor is Neither a Research Analyst nor an Investment Advisor and Expressing Option Only as an Investor in Indian Equities. All trading strategies are used at your own risk.

He/ She are Not Responsible for any Loss a Rising out of any Information, Post or Opinion Appearing on this Website. Investors are advised to do Own Due Diligence or Consult Financial Consultant before acting on Such Information.

Author of this Website not providing any Paid Service and not Sending Bulk mails/SMS to Anyone. Information is in no way guaranteed. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted. Investment/Trading in securities Market is subject to market risk. This is my personal thoughts on this company and not at all a buy recommendation. Do own due diligence /consult a SEBI registered advisor before any action.